Greek Life: VIP

What is VIP?

CARE's Violence Intervention and Prevention Program (VIP) is a group of representatives from the UCLA Greek community who are committed to addressing issues of sexual assault, dating and domestic violence, and stalking. These representatives (VIP Liaisons) attend workshops with CARE and then plan their own programs for their chapters. VIP trainings begin each January and programming takes place during the winter and spring quarters. 


VIP Liaison Benefits

VIP Liaisons can gain valuable leadership experience and improve their communities by working to prevent sexual and gender-based violence. Additionally, Liaisons receive custom training and guidance from the CARE Program. With this, Liaisons create their own engaging events and programs that can be tailored to their chapter's needs. At the end of the year, outstanding programs are awarded and recognized by UCLA.


VIP Liaison Responsibilities

Liaisons serve winter quarter and spring quarter. They start with intensive weekly trainigns with CARE, and then they create their own prevention programs for their organizations. They serve as a trauma-informed contact person if anyone in their chapter has questions regarding sexual violence prevention. Ideally, there are 1-3 Liaisons per chapter. 


Examples of VIP Programs

Sexual violence prevention can take many forms, and past VIP Liaisons have created some outstanding programs to do this! Examples include presentations on consent, screenings of documentaries, walking tours of campus resources, hosting guest speakers in their chapters, social media campaigns, and sexual health education. There is no limit to what programs can be created, and CARE can provide guidance to help create programs that are as engaging, inclusive, and effective as possible.