Healing Programs

Healing from trauma can be a long, difficult journey. The way we heal is greatly impacted by who we are as individuals, the identities we hold, our geographies, and our histories. Access to resources like therapy can be challenging for some and those people still deserve the opportunity to have space held for them and to experience community. With respect to the far-reaching and complex impact of trauma, CARE is committed to offering alternative forms of healing for survivors including yoga, journaling, music, art, and dance. 

To learn more use the side menu to click on a program you are interested in learning more about. You will find dates for current offerings and instructions on how to sign up. If this information is not available, the program is only being offered by request for the quarter.

Healing programs are open to all-genders, all-ages, and all current UCLA affiliates, unless otherwise stated. 

Programs are also available by request and can be tailored to the unique needs of individuals and communities. If you would like more information about requesting a program for your organization or department, please contact CARE

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